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Jessica Weible
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Hey guys!

I'm so glad you're here! I have been in the creative space for a long time! Shop around for clipart I've created, stock photography, greeting cards, custom labels, party printables and more. ♥

My name is Jessica and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by!

I’ve always love to draw, doodle, paint and create art. When I was a child, I would draw while watching my favorite Disney movies and I dreamed of one day working in art and animation.

I married fairly early and became a dedicated military wife and mother. My husband and I were surprised with not one, but TWO sets of TWINS! I suddenly found myself with a lot of free time as I was a stay-at-home mom of four. The need to do something more and the need to work was a driving force within me.

In 2009, I discovered digital art and I became obsessed. I spent all of my spare time learning and teaching myself how to create art on my computer. I created what was then Jessica’s Doodles and began to sell my clipart online.

Once my children were old enough to start school, I decided to use the extra time and get a degree in Graphic Design. I also spent the time creating more clip art. Today, I have over a thousand clip art collections available.

My style of art lends to the very cute, bright, cheerful and fun. I always hope my art brings a smile to a face, lightens the heart and is enjoyable. I prefer to create for the children’s market and my illustrations are created with joy in mind.

Every day I work hard, but I simply enjoy what I do. I brainstorm for new ideas, watch tutorials to learn new techniques and endeavor every single day to be original, be unique and just…. CREATE.

When I’m not making a mess of the kitchen table with my art supplies, I enjoy time spent with my family. We love to cook, go bowling, travel, visit the beach or exercise together. I love fitness, lifting weights, CrossFit and running. My family and I frequently enter various races around Virginia Beach.

I am completely addicted to coffee. I can drink it any time of the day and am admittedly cranky if I don’t get it. I’m also perfectly ok with being a homebody, and while I love a good party and people, I easily entertain myself with art, books or movies. I love my quiet time!

Thanks for being interested to learn a little bit about me!

Art Licensing

For a little while in my art career I was working with Pink Light Studio and was so honored to have been able to create and design artwork for products in stores. You can still find some of my art in places like Target, Walmart, Five Below and more.