Woodland Baby Shower Ideas

You absolutely can’t go wrong with an adorably cuddly theme like Woodland animals for a baby shower. To me, it’s a direct spin off of classic Pooh but more modern with that Farmhouse style that everyone is just loving these days.

There’s just so many cute things you can decide to decorate with to put together the most amazing baby shower. I’ve compiled my  favorite ideas here as well as the perfect party labels that match this theme.

This cute Woodland Hedgehog Cheese Ball has to be the most ADORABLE thing ever and I’ve seen them created with almonds instead of pecans, but I just love the look of this little prickly guy and pecans are my favorite! This recipe can be found at Savor the Flavour I especially love the addition of rosemary around him. It’s very aesthetically pleasing and the greenery just flows right into the woodland theme.

I love the idea of using a tree to display treats such as these donuts or mushroom cupcakes! This is such a creative way that ties in the Woodland theme and its a great alternative to a classic cake as well.

Finger food is a party favorite at any time and there are lots of fun woodland themed ideas to be had. Here are a few of my favorites. 

Acorn Candy
Swiss Rolls as "Fire Logs"
S'mores Marshmallow Pops
Veggie Forest

If you want to add a heathier option to your table, I just love this broccoli salad idea for a Woodland theme. And how adorable is that stuffed raccoon?!

Check out my quick and easy party labels and DIY at home printables in this cute Woodland theme. 


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