Key Lime Margaritas

Key Lime Margarita

My husband has just recently returned from a work trip to Key West. And yes, I pretty much {lovingly} hated him for the better part of two weeks while he was down there in the balmy breeze while I was juggling kids and snow.

However, he came back all grins with a lobster sunburn and a RECIPE! {yeay! All Forgiven!}

While he was in Key West he would get these amazing Margaritas {and torture me a little with a photo every day} but my husband has a brilliant head on those broad shoulders of his and he was clever enough to pay attention and watch how those bartenders made this delicious Key Lime Margarita concoction!

We had to search in about 3 or 4 liquor stores here before we found it, but here’s your main ingredient: KeKe Beach Key Lime Cream Liquor.

Ke Ke Liquor

We ended up finding it in an ABC liquor store and there were only 3 bottles left! (none left now, but I’m sure they’ll restock!)

Key Lime Margaritas

Back home my husband put on his bartender hat and made all us women {my neighbor, Mary Beth and myself} one FABULOUS, green drink! – You may need a nap afterwards! One sip and you’ll be wishing you had sand between your toes!

Key Lime Margarita

Key Lime Margarita



  1. Pour all ingredients into a shaker. Top with lid and swish around a few times to blend everything. Pour into a tall glass.

  2. Serve with a fun straw and umbrella!


Just a note: the cool green color of these would make them an AWESOME St. Patrick’s Day drink to serve at your party. If you like margaritas, this one should definitely be on your bucket list!


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