Lazy Butter Biscuits

Its a SNOW Day! Kids have been home all day {doing chores} and then out in the fluffy white stuff making snowmen and pelting each other with it until they’ve lost all feeling in their fingers and toes.

I’m an {indoor} person when the snow comes. I enjoy looking at it, I think its super pretty, but my bones can’t handle the freeze. I’m content with my coffee, sitting beside the window and watching the birds {or kids} play.

And I’m inside waiting for them when they’ve decided they’ve had enough of the cold. Today, I had hot biscuits and butter to warm them up!

Lazy Butter Biscuits

I found this recipe a couple of years ago in one of those old community cookbooks with the plastic spiral binding. This one is from the Hackett, Arkansas, Shady Grove Freewill Church Cookbook. I think my hubby might’ve picked the book up for me years and years ago.

I call these biscuits lazy because I don’t roll them out as the recipe suggests, I just scoop the dough up with a large cookie scoop or spoon and plop them into the baking pan. {lazy} ’cause I hate rolling out dough. They’re basically drop biscuits.

[wprm-recipe id=”7781″]

Lazy or not, they’re fantastically moist and delicious. I swear I blinked and the kids had these eaten so quick there was nothing but crumbs left on my pretty blue plate.

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