Granny’s Goulash

Grannys Goulash

When I was a kid, we’d pile into the car and drive an hour to Paris, AR to go visit my Granny & Papa. We made that drive quite often, it was (and still is!) one of my favorite places to visit. Always good food and Papa would usually pull out his guitar and provide some good music as well. 

If we were lucky Granny would have made some of her Goulash and her homemade biscuits. I really wish I had a recipe for those biscuits, but in the past when I asked her about a recipe, she just laughs and says she never measures anything! Just knows by heart what amounts of what to throw into a bowl.

These days I live much much farther away than an hour so if I want some Goulash, I have to make it myself.

I placed a call to my Granny. I’ve been craving her Goulash for the better part of a week and for the second time, I’ve had to give her a call for the recipe because I always seem to misplace it (not that the ingredients list is long or the recipe hard) but when you have an excuse to call your Granny, you call.

Granny's Goulash

It really doesn’t get much simpler than this, and I must say, Goulash is a perfect meal for a family on a budget. It makes a lot of food AND its inexpensive.

The really funny thing about Granny’s Goulash, is that normally…I don’t like peas. And I can remember being a kid and not liking this. {I also hated spaghetti} NOW, however- I absolutely CRAVE it at times and I just HAVE to have it. I still don’t like peas, but for some reason, I just don’t notice them in this, and I easily plow through a bowl.

My Lazy Butter Biscuits or Skillet Cornbread would be a yummy addition to this meal.


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