Pinto Beans with Ham

Pinto Beans with Ham

It is beautiful outside! Such a welcome relief from the cold snow and ice lately! Although apparently we should take advantage of this nice weather, the prediction is more snow and ice tomorrow.

I’m ready for spring already.

All well. Until the weather makes me feel like bunnies and tulips, I’ll be content to make comfort food that comes in a bowl. Like my {simple} and {humble} Pinto Beans with Ham.

Anytime we make one of those large spiral sliced hams {usually at Thanksgiving or Christmas} I always save the bone with a good amount of meat still attached. Stick it in the freezer for a cold day. Pinto beans are a match made in heaven for that ham bone!

I’ve been making pinto beans with ham since … well, forever. Its the easiest thing. A bag of beans, a ham bone and a pot. You’re done.

Its pretty fantastic with some Skillet Cornbread on the side too, just sayin’.

Pinto Beans and Ham

I’ve known how to make pinto beans since I was a kid. The main thing is just to keep an eye on the water level throughout the day and refill your pot as needed. Now I’m ready to eat! Pinto beans are one of my favorites! What’s your favorite {humble} made meal?


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